Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New charm pack noodling

Carrie Nelson calls this pattern "Getaway".  I've never seen it before but it's interesting.  Especially in this small scale - the center of this little quilt is 24" square.  It will have a neutral inner border and a HST outer border.

The shape of it reminds me of a slot-car track.  Remember those?  In my younger days they were are popular as toy train sets.  If you were really lucky, your dad humored you and set up a permanent installation for it in the rec room in the basement.  Of course, being a girl I didn't have one.  Or a  rec room.  Or a basement, for that matter.  I always thought it would be sooooo cool to have a TV room in the basement, like I had seen.  We had a cellar with a sump pump.

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