Sunday, February 19, 2012

A bed for Acme

Acme is my husband's god-kitten.  An online friend found her, abandoned and sick, and he took her in and got her medical attention.  Six hundred dollars of medical attention.  Acme had a tumor which was blocking her windpipe and making it hard for her to breathe, and she required surgery.  If not for Bruce, she might have died.  As it is, he'll have to watch and see how she develops.  We contributed to her medical costs and as a result my hubby was designated her god-father.  He considers himself honored.

Bruce already has a cat, Alice, who is an older lady kitty and probably not crazy about a kitten taking up residence.  But he can't keep Acme anyway because his landlord only allows one pet, so he's trying to find her a home.  If I were kitty-less at the moment, I would jump in the car and drive to Virginia to claim her.    But we wouldn't do that to Molly, who is timid, retiring and easily dominated.  Any other cat we brought in would only bully her, and she wouldn't take up for herself.  I couldn't do that to her.

One thing I could do is make Acme a little cat bed of her very own.  I have small quilts on the backs of furniture all over the house for Molly, and know that's one of the best ways to direct where a cat wants to sleep, in addition to making a cozy warm spot for her.  So I dug out some scraps and whipped up a little cat quilt.  It's not much, and it's only quilted in the ditch, but I hope she likes it.


Linda said...

Sweet story and I like the little cat bed quilt too. Very sweet, I hope Acme likes it.

momtofatdogs said...

My cat likes pillowcases. He especially likes the ones that cover the pillows on the beds. But he's too old to jump on the beds anymore, So I buy cheap ones & put them on the back of the couches & the ottoman. At least he is laying where I want him too!