Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year's Day mystery quilts......

.....uh, you say it's almost February?  Well, yes, I'm late finishing them.  But the tops are done finally.

The first one is about 50 x 70, a good size for a charity quilt.  I usually don't like quilts with light borders - they just seem to peter out rather than finishing - but this one was made by the directions and I didn't have enough of the green print that inspired the color scheme to make another border - it's the fabric in the bottom right corner square of the border.  So, it's done, well or ill.  The binding will be dark rose.
 I frankly don't know what do to with this one.  It's about 60 x 60.  Husband liked it because of the bright colors, but I'm firmly on the fence.  I love the border fabric, though.  That's where the colors used in the design came from.  I've seen other versions and they are more successful done in two color or monochrome.  There's one in blue/tan especially on the Quiltbug site that's lovely.  Mine - well, it's more like "Where are my sunglasses!"  
I thought I was being fairly daring to pick the blue batik for the background instead of a trusty WOW print.  The ivory turned out to the my accent in the corners and centers.  That might have been better with a very dark color or bright lime green.

Quiltbug is having a Superbowl Sunday mystery and I'm going to do it again because their quilts are usually a good size for a kid's quilt.  I have the fabrics picked out and the pre-cutting finished.

As for that purple and green New Year's Eve mystery, I'm still plugging along.  Can't seem to get any enthusiasm for finishing it because the colors don't work for me.  But Husband likes it because it's bright.  I'm seeing a trend here!

Other than finishing the mystery quilts, I want to get a few more half-done projects out of the way before I am tempted to do anything else.  There's a project on my design wall that was started during the Orca Bay mystery and needs only 11 blocks to be done, so that's next.  Then I will force myself to complete assembling the NYE mystery quilt.  After that, perhaps more cheddar bow tie blocks.  Anything to get some of those project boxes off my table.


Helen in the UK said...

Both quilts look great in the pictures. I can see why you think the whites in the second quilt would have been better as a bright, but that's the thing with mystery quilts ... they're a mystery!! Two finished flimseys - that's something to be proud of :)

Katie said...

I think I like both quilts because they are "different". :-)