Thursday, December 8, 2011

No surprises here

An ironic side effect of using EQ to design your quilts:  Remember when you didn't have a way to visualize your designs other than perhaps graph paper sketches?  Remember when you started to join your blocks together and got your first glimpse of the completed quilt design, and what a kick it was, watching your quilt come to life.

Well, with EQ, it can be a case of "been there, done that".  Unfortunately.  Here's an example:

An EQ generated image of the quilt I made for a Christmas present:
An actual photo of the quilt: 
See what I mean?  Definitely no surprises there.  Of course, the possibility of making a complete dog of a quilt has been vastly diminished, but after you draw and visualize the quilt, actually making it may become anti-climactic.

In some ways, the thrill is gone.

This is a little sad.


Elaine Adair said...

I agree with you about "no surprises" .. every quilt I designed in QuiltPro or EQ never materialized in reality, and I finally learned that my own thrill with a REALY quilt was MY favorite surprise. If I draw it out, the thrill is gone. So I have 2 very good programs, plus all the books that were recommended (mucho $$$) and contrary to my usual style, I hardly ever even use them. Other people do stunning and wonderful things with their programs - I thought I would be one of them! LOLOL NOT! Even designing borders was 'supposed' to be helpful, and I found I like the graph paper method the best. 8-)

Tanya said...

I never thought of that... It is a beautiful quilt nevertheless.