Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who are YOU? (and other miscellany)

Someone new strolled through my back garden this morning.  And who are you, tuxedo cat?  There must be a cat network, and I'm on it!

Also, I wanted to show the inspiration for my color selections for the Quiltville mystery coming up this month.  I have had this fabric for a while and didn't find a use until now.  It will be in the reds in the quilt and probably the backing:
See the greens and golds in the print?  I just love it.  That became this fabric collection:
I ordered a few more dark golds from Thousands of Bolts this morning so I can pull some of the more yellow pieces.  I'm still wavering about making the greens light or dark.  I will wait until they first show up in the instructions to decide.

Finally, a photo to show why I'm having a hard time with an accurate 1/4" using my dressmaking Juki machine.  Here is the 1/4" foot:
Notice that the foot is only 1/4" wide at the very front and is larger back at the needle position, behind the narrow front of the foot.  So it's harder to align the fabric seam allowance right at the needle.  And see that angled part on the left side?  It catches seam allowances and pulls the fabric off-kilter.  Plus, since the feed dogs are so wide and it's a front load bobbin, there is nowhere to put a seam guide on the plate.  The Juki HZL-E70  is very nice, but it wasn't built for quilters. 


Tanya said...

I find it most interesting that you can calmly write that there is a cat visitor in your backyard. I am still having anxiety fits over any cat that comes close to my house. I feel so stupid but when I see a stray I'm ready to sell my house and move to an island! Really. This week I spotted one in the next lot over and I went to bed for three hours...

Leeanne said...

I like your fabrics, I am still deciding, maybe I will replace the red with orange and the black, replace with brown.