Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quiltville mystery quilt is completed

It's bound, it's labeled, and it's on my bed in about an hour from now.

And you know what? I already have my next project picked out. More later.

Anybody watch "Enough Already!" with Peter Walsh on OWN network last night? He's a professional organizer who tackled a quilter's clutter on last night's show. I don't usually watch it but was alerted to the show on the Quiltville chat group. I'm still conflicted about the resolution. Sure, she got a great quilt studio but it was in the garage, and I didn't see a single quilt displayed in her decluttered living room. It was like "Yeah, you can have your little hobby but don't bother anyone with it." And her daughter seemed a little controlling. She claimed she wanted a better relationship between her children and their grandmother but wouldn't bring them to visit because she said the cluttered house was too dangerous. Admittedly, the living room was a complete fright, but that seemed a little manipulative.

Oh well, one woman's opinion.


Mama Koch said...

Love it! It will be really pretty on your bed.

I wanted to watch the clutter-show, but forgot about it. Maybe it's still online.

momtofatdogs said...

Your quilt is beautiful (as usual)

I didn't get to see that episode - but I'll tell you - many people that do not make/craft/quilt/sew (whatever) have zero understanding of making something.

but you know what? Just about ANYTHING can become obsessive. I figure it's MY house & what I do is an extension of myself. My quilts are about the only COLOR in my house. I'm just not a bold person when it comes to paint or decorating.

That being said..........my sewing area is in a 1/3 of our "family room". Too big an area to put a baby gate up. I put tape on the floor. The baby don't cross it no more! that area & my long arm room are the only 2 places that I allow clutter - even then - it's generally behind closed cabinet doors.

I don't consider myself a hoarder - I might be wrong - but I don't think so!


joe tulips said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish. May you all snuggle comfortably under it!

Chris Daly said...

I really like this quilt.

Elaine Adair said...

Oh Jan - you made a stunningly beautiful quilt! It is truly gorgeous!!!

"Enough already" -- I thought the daughter ought to have learned some lessons on creativity, not just neatness. True, the clutter was out of control and I LOVED that her Guild sisters came to help her tidy up. Her husband was made to appear like a dufus - they didn't give him any credit at all.

While it was on, I was shredding paper documents - you know how THEY keep accumulating!

Linda said...

Oh, I really like this one too. I love the colors that you chose. I bet it looks great on your bed!

Linda_J said...

Well done!

Tanya said...

Ooh! Such a beauty!!! I haven't seen Bonnie's mystery yet but as I recall you changed it to something better. What have you named it? Cinnamon and Gingerbread?