Friday, February 4, 2011

Hopping around the sewing room, and I'm not even the Easter bunny

I'm just a girl who can't say no ... ... another project. Barbara Brackman's Civil War sampler, my Bonnie Hunter Addicted to Scraps column patriotic sampler, my local quilt shop's Saturday Club sampler, my Orange Crush quilt, my Carrie Nelson charm pack project, my ---well, my, my my.

Yep, I'm fragmented. I'm the ADHD quilter who can't stay with one project until it's done. I'm the needle and thread embodiment of the Buddhist description of monkey mind, always charging off into three different directions at once. So I've gotta find a method to keep track of all these little loose blocks. Here's one idea:
Pushpins on the design wall, a ziplock baggie for each project. Bigger stuff gets its own plastic bin, like the 100 block sample that's ready to assemble now that I've picked the sashing and border fabrics.

Orange crush still needs three borders, which are laid out on my cutting table whilst I while away the time on my latest distraction, Carrie Nelson's little OSO charm pack quilt. It's cute and it will only take a minute...but you know, I never finished that Christmas table topper and if I made it now I could surely get it quilted by next holiday season...

See? I'm hopeless.


momtofatdogs said...

ADHD Quilter? !! LOL! Can I join that recovery program? Though I'm not really sure I WANT to recover. Let's see.......I have (today) started a Dear Jane, I have an applique BOM, last year's BOM w/ QB1, a Lady-Of-The-Lake variation in r/w/b, finish my Ocean Waves, continue on my spools quilt. Um... I am pretty SURE I'm leaving projects out. Oh yeh - yesterday I got the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine in the mail......The cover quilt makes me smile....:) :) !


Linda said...

I think most of us quilters are like that. I blame alot of it on the internet. We sit in front of the computer and see all the blogs doing amazing things and we are over stimulated....That's not bad for the stores or the economy plus we are eventually getting our projects done. So, I don't really see a problem. I enjoy working on different things at the same time. Sometimes, though I do get a little overwhelmed. When that happens, I just stop and regroup. You are getting so much done and they are all looking great. Keep it up and pet the cat for me. Stay warm!

Mama Koch said...

We're all like that...but some of us don't admit to it!

Did you finish your RRCB of Bonnie's?