Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Test run

I made a few blocks of my proposed alternate block in the Quiltville mystery design. As you can see, they actually form the primary pattern you first see when you look at the design - the horizontal and vertical rows of neutral squares with the red and pink x's in the intersections. Interesting. The primary block in the initial design is now a secondary player.
I think I like this, but I like busy designs. Opinions?


Diana said...

I like it too!

joe tulips said...

I think you have out done yourself here!! The quiltville block looks very busy in the strings setting...
But some how it looks less busy set with your blocks. Is that possible? It looks so at home with the new blocks. I say go with it.
It is beautiful.
What will you do with all the strings? (for being string blocks they are nice looking!)

emi said...

I love it, it's beautiful!