Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, it's happened again. At some point of the Quiltville mystery quilts I become conflicted whether I want to complete the design per the instructions or go my own way. This time, it's because of the string blocks.

Here are a few of the Prickly Pear blocks and the alternating string blocks (and a little of my sewing room wallpaper too, on the right side! Small design wall.): You see, I'm not a big string block fan. Although she's cut them in half and resewn them together in an interesting way, they're still string blocks and I'm just not feeling it. That's the problem with these two block designs from Quiltville. The first one I did, Double Delight, went together well and I loved it. The ones after that, though, sometimes don't seem to jell well for me. I can't see the relationship between the two blocks. Are they related or are they simply coexisting on the same quilt?

So, I have been poking around in EQ trying out different options. I made several I liked and Husband liked too (he didn't like the string blocks). BUT, I have all these string blocks already made - what to do? Do I want to make 25 more blocks in a different pattern? Do I have enough matching scraps? I don't know. An alternative would be to set the blocks in a vertical strip zigzag set, which I love, but I would have to buy the coordinating print for the background because I don't have enough of any print that would work. And this quilt was supposed to be a stash buster.

Give me an opinion. Do you like the string blocks?

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Mama Koch said...

I'll give you an AMEN from the audience!
I like string blocks, but I didn't like it with the other block. Pink/green isn't a favorite of mine I waited. Glad I didn't start on it.
What about doing string blocks in other colors and alternate them with the neutral blocks?