Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bring on the brights!

Maybe it's because of the dumb gloomy weather we've been having. Maybe it's post-holiday letdown. Maybe it's because of the amount of brown in the last few quilts I made. Whatever reason, I've been craving brights in my quilting life. Well, as bright as I can manage, which might not be other people's definition of bright.

Anyway, I started casting around for a project after I finished the last Quiltville mystery and found myself looking at the old mystery quilts on that website. I had made Double Delight, and while I loved it I wasn't in the mood to make it again. Old Tobacco Road was a lot more browns - nope. Carolina Crossroads was interesting, but - then, there it was! Orange Crush!

The perfect solution to the winter blahs. I started scrabbling through my stash and found the perfect orange fabrics. Then I had a decision to make. Go with the black and red for the star points that Bonnie Hunter used or break out on my own?

I wasn't too crazy about the red and the black seemed a bit contrast-y. I loved the blue centers to the orange blocks and wanted to add more (complementary colors, don't you know). So the star points became chocolate with blue. Here are a few blocks: I just love it.

I can't let my brother ever see this quilt when it's done. He likes orange. And now I do too.


joe tulips said...

I made two orange crush quilts. It is my favorite mystery quilt from Bonnie. The first one was orange (and I fell in love with orange) the second one was lime green and brown. I saw it in another color combo at a quilt show, a dusty purple. I don't think you can go wrong with this pattern. I am loving your choices for color!

Linda said...

I made the orange crush and still need to put the borders on it. I just found the material for the borders (I had to buy more) as I guess I looked at the pattern wrong or something. Anyway, I will be finishing this one up soon. My son will get this one. He loves the colors and he never really seems to like anything I make but this one he went gaga over. He will be moving out in March or April and it will be ready for his new place when he goes. I'll take pics when it's through. Good luck and I like your colors so far. Orange is not one of my favorites but it works on this quilt.

Elaine Adair said...

Those are lovely! Bright, but not overpowering. Just right!