Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quiltville mystery part 4 done and house guest is gone

My brother in law came for a short visit - well, that and to pick up the rolltop desk we were giving him. As usual, he drove his Ford full size van, otherwise known as the bottomless pit vehicle. We loaded the rolltop desk, a desk chair, a radial arm saw, an enormous Rubbermaid storage box of photographs to be returned to his sister, 6 Christmas presents - each box 24 x 18 x 10 (guess what they were!), a a surround sound amplifier, a center channel speaker, a set of back channel speakers (looks like someone is getting a killer home theater setup) and all of his various traveling accoutrements (CPAP machine, suitcase, etc.) and the van said "Is that all ya got?" I swear, you could move your household in that thing. Of course, it's like driving your house. The thought terrifies me - it's enormous.

The CPAP machine reminds me of something: how many people do you know with sleep apnea? Does every third person stop breathing at night? It's amazing. No one in my family ever had it. You'd have to be breathing really well and quite consistently to snore as loudly as they did! Everyone I'm related to has sinus trouble - hence the racket. I've never dared to ask my husband if I snore. I just never fall asleep on trains or planes, for fear that I do.

I finished making the blocks for part 4 of the Quiltville mystery, and I'm no closer to guessing what the pattern is. Nice selection of greens, though. There are 36 sets of green/neutral "twosies" and matching 2x2 inch green squares. Heaven knows what we'll be doing with them. And where does that red go that she specified? Haven't seen it yet, nor much brown. I figure steps 5 and 6 will be killers. She's just going easy on us so far.
I'm almost finished with my brother's dog's Christmas gift - a paper pieced heart design dog coat. It's very cool. I'm debating making another coat because I have a piece of upholstery weight woven zebra pattern fabric I was going to make into a purse. I think every diva deserves an animal print coat, and the dog is definitely a diva!

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I'm impressed with all you accomplish!