Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sewing room

I'm way too tired and bleary-eyed to take a decent photograph, but here are two views of the room so far. The other two walls are complete chaos, as you can probably guess, so no pictures of those!
BTW, the stuffed bear sitting on my sewing basket is the World's Best Bear. He has a medal around his neck that says so! I've got teddies here and there in the house, posed in small teddy-sized chairs and even in a little red Radio Flyer wagon. One has a little wing-back armchair, just his size. A silly hobby of mine.

I put up that wallpaper 17 years ago. Back then, I liked it. Now - not so much. But I like it more than I would like the work it would take to remove it. I do need to take down that valance. It's SO 1993. Maybe replace the traverse rod with a simple brushed nickel rod and rings to match the ceiling fixture.

That picture over the bookcase is crewel work, which I used to do until I burned out on it. I did needlepoint and cross-stitch too, but nothing has kept my interest like quilting. The old gold framed mirror is a remnant from the guest room days.


Linda said...

This looks great. I hope you have a good view behind the curtain but at least you will have some good lighting...

Cleaning and clearing out is hard work but a new sewing room will definitley be worth it!

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for the peek into your Studio/Sewing Room.
Lighting? I have the overhead light, a swing/extension lamp to my left, my machine light, and one in the back if I am quilting. My DH on the other side of the studio has a BANK of lights, AND one on each side of his desk, pointing to his work area. And, neither of us has any eye problems - we just need the light, now that we are not young. We note that our room is always warm - uhhh, I wonder why?

Yes, I recognize the thing about having the room so neat you don't want to mess it up. 8-))) Good job!