Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh Good Grief

Every once in a while you do something so stupid, you have to wonder where your brain has gone, since you evidently aren't in possession of it and definitely aren't using it. This week it was my turn.

I'm giving six quilts as Christmas presents this year. Three are bed size, two are lap size and one is a wall hanging. I just got the wall hanging back from the longarm quilter (since I wanted a fancier job that I could do). One of the lap quilts is still with her but the rest are ready to go. A few days ago I decided to get boxes and wrap them so when my brother-in-law visits in a few weeks he could take them back with him, since he lives close to the family recipients of the gifts.

I gleefully wrapped the four that were ready and said to myself, "Well, I'm ahead of the game THIS year." Famous last words.

Friday, I sewed the binding on the wall hanging and started to prepare a label. While sorting through my preprinted labels from RJR and Windham Fabrics to pick just the right one (very handy, those) I suddenly realized that I HAD NOT LABELED THE WRAPPED QUILTS. None of them. Sheesh.

So, yesterday morning I made labels for ther other four quilts in hand, unwrapped them, sewed on the labels and rewrapped the boxes. It took all morning.

Here's a peek at the wall hanging: Sherry Meyer did a fabulous quilting job, as usual. And yesterday I woke up to the most beautiful misty fall morning, with the sun starting to break through the fog and glinting on the trees. Even with my bad photography and the power lines in the way, you can get an idea how lovely it was:

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Tanya said...

Beautiful wall hanging. I love the colors!