Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Quiltville mystery coming!

Those of you out there that are Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville fans probably already know she is going to do another mystery quilt in November. She's dropped a few hints on color suggestions already, and I, being a perennially, pathologically early type of person, have already raided the stash closet and pulled a box full of fabric candidates:Bonnie Hunter said she was using chocolate brown, raspberry pink, deep red, green and a selection of neutrals. I have plenty of browns, greens, reds, and neutrals. In fact, I'm branching out on my definition of neutrals to include small prints (very daring of me!). At the moment I'm planning on using a single deep red for continuity and have several candidates depending on how much we need and what hits me at the time I start cutting out patches. The only thing I may have to augment is the raspberry pink, depending on how you interpret that color. Pink is the one color I am short on at the moment, and although I pulled a bunch from the box, they may not be dark enough. So we'll see. Otherwise, I'm all set because I love to make her quilts very scrappy and I can use up a lot of small leftovers. I don't cut up my small pieces of fabric "a la scrap users system" because I never know what size I will need and don't want to find myself looking at the perfect fabric cut into the wrong size!
I have never made a brown and pink quilt, so this will be fabulous!


The Calico Cat said...

"In fact, I'm branching out on my definition of neutrals to include small prints (very daring of me!)."

YAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! I can't wait to watch your progress & see how you feel about using the tiny prints.

Elaine Adair said...

REally NICE collection of soft neutrals, itty-bitty flowers, etc. Jealous here as I seem to have actually used mine up!

Funny about being "periennally early" as I also am, and am NEVER late. I always want to be READY because I cannot think when I'm being pushed.

Whew - you are planning on doing a (another??) mystery? 8-))) Have fun!

Decca said...

We have a program at the shelter called "Knit for Kits" where crafty and talented people make little mats for the cats to sleep on. One woman who loves to quilt makes quilts that we put in cages. This amazes me. Not only does she spend so much time on something that most people wouldn't, she doesn't use random leftovers of fabric. Each one has a color scheme and they're all little works of comfy art.

Tanya said...

That is tempting... but it is always a problem for me to get a bit quilt quilted when I'm done with the mystery!