Friday, September 24, 2010

A few quilt finishes

After applying the binding on this wall quilt I hung it in the hallway. If pumpkins are here can Halloween be far behind? This is a design from Thimbleberries circa 2002. There were four in all, one for each season. More later when I make some photographs. Also completed is the large, 92" square, Miss Rosie's Quilt Company pattern using the Pat Sloan fabric from 2003. I put on the master bedroom bed while the white bedspread is in the wash. Doesn't match a thing, of course, but aren't the colors rich? We'll use it for a few days because it's so nice and big.
Here's a corner of the quilt showing the colors in detail. It's says "Autumn" to me.
My time this weekend is taken up with completing some quilts begun 10 years ago or so (maybe even more, I can't remember) that have thread tension problems in the quilting that need to be repaired before binding. I've talked about these before. Time to get them done and over with.

It's odd that I don't have any quilts at the longarm quilter right now and don't have anything spread out on the kitchen table in process. Kind of doesn't feel right! However, I've "kitted up" a couple of Miss Rosie's designs and have them ready to work when all the lingering projects are done. In the meantime, you should see the bed in my guest room. It's stacked up with the five quilts for my nephew's family, the other three seasonal wall hangings, two small quilts (the second version of the Quiltville Carolina Christmas mystery and the batik with orange and blue I call "Kentucky Girl Moves to Tennessee") and five other Miss Rosie pattern quilts, two of which I will keep and the other three probably give away to family. It's snowing quilts at my house!


Kathryn said...

Wow! And I love that the cat is making herself right at home on the new quilt, sort of trying it out for size. Hmmmm, yes, I quite like this one.

I can see you've been very, very busy. But how lovely when they all go winging their way off to their new homes.

Decca said...

Gorgeous! And I agree with Kathryn, the kitty on the bed just adds that extra dose of coziness.