Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was thinking about something after I posted about my run-in with the city workers cutting my dogwood trees. A lot of bloggers show pictures of their house, but it's always the interior, the garden, the deck, etc. None of the front of the house.

Now, I am pretty domestic. I guess it would be hard to be born in the early 50's and not end up domestic, because girls were just taught that stuff back then as a matter of course. But I love house-related stuff. Decorating, planting, arranging, sewing, cooking, you name it related to home-keeping and I like it. Cleaning, not so much, but I realize it has to be done and can do it. All that seems a little out of character for a retired engineer, but there you are.

So, I love to look at houses. I'm a sucker for an open house, and adore touring model homes. We've lived in this house for 17 years, and while we haven't done a lot to the outside other than maintenance stuff (painting, roof) it looks pretty good. Thanks to the lawn guy the grass is doing fairly well too. Best gift to myself I ever did was hiring that guy to keep the lawn mowed and the bushes trimmed. That has to be my least favorite of house chores; I did it for years but it ate up my precious free time during my work life.

So, without further ado, here is the front of my house:
Like most 60's ranchers, it's proportioned long and not too deep, so it's hard to get the whole length in the picture, even from across the street.

How about it? Do you want to post a picture of your house? I would understand if you don't - privacy and all - but I'm sure that more bloggers than I would love to see it.

Oh - behind the house you can see the electric pole where the unfortunate squirrel made itself into a rodent circuit bridge and got fried. My neighbor found another electrocuted squirrel in the yard across the street a few days ago. I think they need safety classes.


paula, the quilter said...

It looks good. This is the style of house DH and I would like to have. I'll have to take a pic of my house. It will be totally unlike anything you have seen.

catsinger said...

...hi Calico, I have a brick house also...fake Tudor...I posted an older picture of it[ie the grass was trimmed etc] that I took when I redid the mortgage in 2005...
I like yours very much & like you, dread the day when the city workers come along, unannounced to cut back the silk oak in the picture on the left... the only saving grace is that the power lines are across the the street...those trees get butchered...