Monday, April 12, 2010

Now you see it (design wall), now you don't

Just finished a little cutie in yellow and purple - not a color combination I normally try but the cat and bird Project Linus quilt got me thinking in that direction. I stuck it up on my now not-portable design wall (more later) and took a picture. This is a bit hard because the design wall is mounted in the hallway which is only 42" wide, so getting enough distance to capture the full quilt is a problem. This photo was shot a little from below, causing the trapezoidal effect. And here is is folded on my desk with its backing and binding. Isn't that backing fabric something else!The benefit of having a portable design was was beginning to be outweighed by the drawbacks. I got tired of leaning it against the kitchen wall or the bedroom closet doors, and wanted somewhere I could leave projects in place without it being in the way. The design wall is a 40" x 60" piece of foamcore covered with batting and white flannel, by the way, so it doesn't take much room. It's good for small quilts.

Then I thought of the wall behind the quilt rack in the hallway. I could hang it there with some of those nifty Command adhesive picture hangers and camouflage it with the quilt on display. So here's how it turned out.

Now you don't see it:
And now you do:

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Tanya said...

Excellent, excellent idea!