Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gardening - day one

Everything is planted except my manger baskets because I forgot to buy new coco fiber liners. The pots flanking the driveway were a nightmare. Roots from last year's ferns were so thick that I dumped the entire clump of dirt out on a tarp in one big pot-shaped mass and attacked it with a garden fork. I could only reuse about half the soil from each pot. The rest was more roots than dirt. That took far longer than I planned, and that's why I didn't get to the furniture today. Well, that and loosening the dirt in my flower beds. Gotta love that Garden Claw!

And I filled the birdbath, so tell the birds, the pool is open!


catsinger said... the garden claw you refer to the blue one you twist while standing?
I love mine...I also have a hand-held one...rips right through those roots...

The Calico Quilter said...

Yes, that's the one. It's the best thing for loosening garden plots and it even goes through turf pretty well. Amazing how that twisting action is so much easier to do than digging. Getting the power of both arms into the job is a benefit. I thought it was just another gadget until my brother got Mom one for her birthday several years ago and found out it really worked.