Friday, March 12, 2010

D9P borders

This actually came to me after I had gone to bed. I had cut the strips for the border sides but couldn't decide what to do with the corners. I had already cut plain light corner blocks but they just weren't right. When I thought of doing a D9P block corner where the light strips continue out into the borders, I couldn't wait until morning to try it. I had to jump up, run in the kitchen, cut out one corner block, sew it together and attach it to the side borders. Then, I could go back to bed satisfied. You don't know what restraint it took to stop sewing at one corner!

One note - the corner D9P block is 6 inch and the quilt blocks are 7 inch. That is because there wasn't enough of the purple fabric to cut wider strips and still have enough for the binding. Glad it worked out.


paula, the quilter said...

Wow! Great idea!

Mama Koch said...

I like it! Great idea.

Greenmare said...

EXCELLENT!!!I love this idea!!