Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quilt tour

I changed out some quilt displays in the house today. Here's a tour:

This is my back hallway; the door leads to the garage. I finished binding this quilt last November but never got around to hanging it until today. I am using a 1" x 2" cut to length, with wire loops attached at the ends to hang the quilt flat against the wall. Much better than dowels or rods. This is a quilt that I am giving to my friend's daughter as a wedding present. And yes, it's hanging on my treadmill. . .which I use, thank you.
There was a Christmas quilt here in my hallway during December, and then a "Windmills and Pinwheels" (I think that was its name in the Thimbleberries book) after the new year. I decided to display this quilt made from fabrics from Connecting Threads. Ooh, it's wrinkly from being folded. Oh, well - it will straighten out after hanging for a bit.
The cherry quilt hanging shelf is made by a company called G-Wiz. I love the craftsmanship.

The quilt on my bed right now is the 2008 BlockCentral BOM sampler, "Somewhere in Time". I designed four additional blocks to make it square. It doesn't exactly match the bedroom but it got the job because it's big enough for two people and a fat cat.
Finally, here's my husband's radio quilt, hanging above the former TV cabinet in his computer room (third bedroom). You can see some of his radios in this photo and on the picture above of the quilt hanger in the hall.
My father-in-law built the TV cabinet and a matching tower for holding stereo components (you can see the edge of it to the right - one of the stereo speakers my husband designed and they built is to the left), but this cabinet was dwarfed by the the new humongous 50" flat screen, necessitating the purchase of a new console for it. So this one holds quilts now. The stereo cabinet beside it has thread and tools stored in scrapbooking boxes, which are the perfect size for most templates and tools and stack neatly. The quilts are folded in the TV cabinet behind a Thimbleberries tablerunner which I suspended from a tension rod to protect them from direct sunlight. I'm going to make a small quilt to fit there someday, probably radio-themed like the wall hanging.

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Reenie said...

Wow..thanks for the tour! All the quilts are absolutely wonderful..I just love the colors. I think my fave is the very first one you posted. What is that one called?