Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can't we all just get along?

If you look past the terrible photo quality (I had to shoot through the screen on the sliding door), you will find the two craziest mockingbirds in the southeast. These two have been sparring over who gets my yard as their territory for at least a year. They often use my patio as their boxing ring, and the fights can get pretty vicious. Sooner or later one will run the other one off, to sulk in the trees in the side yard and make a racket. But, before you know it they'll be at it again. They even fight on the wing in midair.

This fascinates me because I have 3/8 acre with many bushes and trees, edible berries and fruit, and full bird feeders. However, they don't think this town's big enough for the both of them, and they are committed to fighting it out. The strange thing is the mockingbirds will band together to run off other encroaching birds like grackles. And then take after each other like nothing happened.

Meanwhile, every spring they nest in the bushes and try to scare away any people that come near. Given the ferocity of their squawking dive-bombs, I have gladly yielded the yard to them on many occasions. Mockingbirds are MEAN. They ganged up on my cat Sasha once and badgered her to the point that they had her begging at the door to be let in. Another cat from the past, Peep, wouldn't walk outside without looking over his shoulder for them, afraid they would launch a sneak attack.

Crazy, crazy birds.


momtofatdogs said...

When I worked in Alabama, I had to put socks on my mirrors of my van. Not only do they fight one another, they fight their OWN refelction. And poop all over the cars........nasty little birds. So far, I haven't had the luxury of them in my yard here in west TN (oh darn..)


Elaine Adair said...

LOLOL! I remember those birds, but they sure could sing up a chorus, starting about 3:00 am!!! 8-))))