Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 2010 Golden Globe awards fashion mis-steps

Oh, award show fashion. Sometimes you live for chances like this to say "WHA...?"

Take Tina Fey for example. She was off to such a good start at the Oscars. But alas, maybe she was inspired by her show "30 Rock" and decided to dress as a test pattern. And Tea Leoni, who evidently decided that she wasn't going to play. Please, please, make the effort.
First, why was Sarah Ferguson, ex-royal, even there at all? And why didn't someone tell her the dress was hideous? I hope in this photo she is raising her hands to heaven and praying to disappear immediately from the red carpet before someone sees her.

And you can always depend on Lindsey Lohan for a chuckle. Maybe the hood was practical - it WAS raining, after all.
Some people who normally score well fell off the good taste wagon that night. Kate Hudson's dress only evokes bemusement. It's like a concatenation of several really bad dresses - some of them from Kleinfeld Bridal.

Drew Barrymore usually looks sharp too. But that crystallized parrot on her shoulder (or whatever it is), not to mention the matching one on her hip, are just distracting.

I'm not sure what it was about Diane Kruger's dress that screamed 1980's prom night, but there you are:
And Christine Hendrick's poor dress was being asked to do far too much. Please, someone tell me why designers can't seem to make the bodice of a strapless dress fit anymore. That is Dressmaking 101, for pity's sake. In this case, it's a B taking on a DD task. And losing. I'm not even going to talk about the ruffles for miles, or the fact that someone with hair that red needs to tone down the lipstick.
Cher was up to her usual tricks with this homage to Morticia Addams.

I kept reading compliments for Cameron Diaz' red dress, but I just don't get it. Not sure if it was the puff sleeves, the cheap looking shiny red fabric or the silly cowl neck. Whatever.

Thank goodnes for Penelope Cruz and others who kept to the good taste straight and narrow. This was lovely.


*karendianne. said...

How fun! Great post. Loved it.

paula, the quilter said...

Too funny! I think the red dress would have been nice if the sleeves and cowl had disappeared. It has a nice asymmetrical waistline on it. And those elements (or lack thereof) would have helped create a beautiful line to the dress, no? Do you think the hemline puddled around her feet?

Krafty Kathryn said...

No, sorry, can't agree about Penelope Cruz - she's another Morticia wannabe. But yes, most of the dresses are hideous. It's quite worrying to think most of these women have acccess to the finest designers and armies of stylists and STILL get it so spectacularly wrong.