Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blogger is at it again

For some unknown reason Blogger has decided again to stop forwarding comments to my email. Since I've been tied up with Christmas things, I haven't visited my blog a lot recently - just popped in for a quick post; so, since I wasn't getting a heads-up from my email, I didn't see that I had comments and hadn't read many of them until this morning. My apologies for not recognizing and responding to your comments. Be assured that I appreciate and enjoy them.. I have added by email address to Blogger - again - and hope it's fixed for a while.

If anyone else has had the problem of Blogger just up and deciding not to send your comments to your email and you were able to fix it for good, please please tell me how! This is a most exasperating program.

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Tanya said...

I have no idea how. Blogger for awhile was sending anonymous comments to my e-mail box which was nice because I could even see the anonymous comments on back posts (occasionally someone will visit and comment WAY back on long ago posts). But Blogger no longer does this for me and I've found lost comments by chance when I've gone back looking for something else... I don't know why things changed...