Saturday, November 28, 2009

Carolina Christmas

Bonnie Hunter just posted installment 2 of her mystery quilt (her picture at left). It takes the HSTs I made yesterday, gold and neutrals, and adds more of the gold to make this block. I'm using gold where she used green, so tomorrow's sewing will be more gold and no blue in sight yet. I'm starting to worry that I should have changed around where the blue and gold went. I don't want this quilt to be dull. It's too much work. ARRRRGH!

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Vickie said...

oh don't panic please your colours will be lovely-when I did the Carolina Crossroads quilt I only used 3 colours and thought I'd made a big mistake by doing progress went along -I did not give up as like you say too much work-but am happy to say our bed proudly wears this quilt ,cheers Vickie