Monday, October 12, 2009

Productive sewing day

I set up the sewing machine about 1 p.m. and resolved to get a few unfinished projects ready to be quilted. The first was a backing for Christmas Lights variant number one. I knew I didn't have enough gold fabric to make a solid backing so I searched through my fabrics for a coordinating snowman print to intersperse in a stripe down the back of the quilt. A little red (same as in the blocks) and green (not identical, but very close) and I had my design. One project done.

Before I could make the backing for the quilt created from the Morris Garden fat quarter collection, I had to decide - borders or no borders? The block design I used was taken from a quilt kit I saw online that didn't use borders, but I felt it needed something. I had a red print fabric for the backing that would be good as a narrow inner border against a pieced outer border of 4" x 8" rectangles of leftover fabric. But, if I borrowed some of the red backing, it wouldn't be wide enough. More of the leftovers to rescue. I pieced a strip of 8" x 8" squares to inset in the backing. Rob Peter to pay Paul!

It didn't take long to assemble the backing but the borders consumed the rest of the day. Binding was cut from a piece of the same fabric I'm using for binding on my husband's half a quilt, taking every last scrap.

Of course during all of this I cooked dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. Finally I picked up my fabric mess and put away the ironing board at 9:30. No pictures today, I'm too tired!

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paula, the quilter said...

Not that was some multi-tasking! Can't wait to see the photo of the backing. Hint, hint.