Friday, October 16, 2009

Cat quilting motif and cat tales

I'm putting the binding on my husband's half a quilt, and I wanted to show the panto motif the longarmer used: Isn't that just the most adorable kitty pattern? I haven't started his applique cat quilt, so I put cats in the quilting on this one.

Speaking of kitties, Molly and I had a run-in yesterday. Since she won't wear a collar, I wanted to get a harness or something I could put on her if there was an emergency, since she's pretty hard to hold on to if she's upset. I keep her carrier in my closet in the bedroom in case there's an emergency and we have to grab her and vacate the premises, but I worried that without a way to hold her securely, she could get away from me and escape outside the carrier. Plus she wouldn't have her tags. So, I went to Petco and bought a cat harness and short leash yesterday. I needed to see if the harness would fit her ('cause she's a big girl!), so I put her on the table and slipped the harness on her.

Boy, was she upset! Let the biting commence! Of course, not full-out biting, just nips to show me that she was not amused. I adjusted the harness (let it out all the way, actually) and then tried to take it off. It has one of those little plastic quick-connects that have tiny ears on either side to depress to unlatch it. It's ridiculously hard to unfasten. While I'm wrestling with it, she's wrestling with me, and by the time I got the harness off her, she was beside herself.

You see, she hates to feel that she's being pushed around. I think that's why she hates the vet so much, because she doesn't have any control over what is happening to her. When I put the harness on her she felt like I was manhandling her and she got very angry. I have never had a cat that did that. My last darling kitty, Sasha, would just give you a look like "Well, okay," if you had to brush her or bathe her or clip her claws. She would look so dejected, as if to say "Why are you doing this to me?" When she had to have IVs after she got sick, she went along with whatever happened, because her people said it had to be done.

Boy, not Molly. If she feels bullied, she just goes nuts. I gave her a little kiss-and-make-up turkey afterward, but I think she's still mad at me. I reached down to pet her head as I walked past her and she had a tantrum at me today, nipping my feet. I wanted to calm her down, so I sat down on the floor beside her thinking I could give her a belly rub and get her over her bad mood. She didn't want a belly rub even though that's her favorite thing, but she wasn't running away from me. She was just sitting there next to me, looking very irritated, so I had a little talk with her about how I didn't like being bullied either. Molly looked at me very solemnly, and then raised her little face for a kitty kiss, as if to apologize. She cracks me up, sometimes.


Deb said...

Those kitty babies can be so funny! Since she won't wear a collar, have you considered having her micro-chipped? The vet does is as simple as a shot.

We had Chloe and Harry done. It sure does give me peace of mind.

That cat panto is a cute one. That was always a favorite with some of my clients.

Tanya said...

I love that quilting motif!!! That's a winner for sure!

Ah, Molly is an anti collar cat. Mine all wear collars all the time and I'm always surprised when they accept them so easily. Even our newest kitty Mi who has been a stray for who knows how long, just let me put a collar with a bell on her and looks very proud to have it. On the other hand. She ate a hole clear through the styrofoam box side so she's not THAT passive.

Morah said...

There was a time when I wouldn't have read the whole story about your cat....Now I get it. Your little "episode" with Mollie had me a chucklin'.

BTW I too own that cat panto. It's a cute one.

I tried a collar on wore a hole right in her fur and almost into her neck. Luckily I caught it in time.

Kathryn said...

Poor Molly - oh, the indignity of it all! It's at times like that I desperately wish I could explain what I was doing, to the creature concerned. The cat motif in the quilting is lovely - so cosy, and I'm sure Molly will enjoy curling up on it.