Friday, July 10, 2009


I just got the weirdest email. Back in June another blogger wrote about the Simplicity strip cutting machine. I commented on it and said this:

The only problem I see is that the strip cutter cuts pinked edges. I can never sew an accurate 1/4" seam with pinked edges. I know from experience using jelly roll strips. As for the bias tape maker, you can buy a little doo-dad that folds the strip as you slide it through. A lot cheaper than Simplicity's machine, I'm sure, and quite effective. You get the strip started through the gizmo and pull it along the strip of fabric following closely behind with your steam iron as you move across your ironing board.

Now, today I get an email from a lady who bought one, was dissatisfied with it and returned it. She said she read about it in my blog. The way she put it, it sounded like I wrote this glowing recommendation of the strip cutter and misled her. Duh? I didn't even post about it, just commented on the other blog. And my comment was definitely ambivalent. So I'm very confused. I'm wondering if she followed the other commenters back to their blogs to get their email addresses and griped to them too. I noticed she commented on the original post on the other blog and said just about what she said to me in the email. I also noticed that her profile is blocked so you can't see anything about her.

Have you heard from her?


Suzan said...

I'll send you an email!

momtofatdogs said...

I saw that in the latest issue of Keepsake Quilting. Sure thought that $80 plus shipping was a little more than I wanted to spend when I have a rotary cutter & mat!

Prince Charming ALWAYS says to pay what your entertainment would be worth.

I don't think that cutter would entertain me enough.....

Hey! At least someone was listening/reading. Maybe SHE didn't learn to read or HER comprehension level lacks.....seems to me, one could understand the difference between an endorsement & an opinion....

I bought one of those Martelli binding tools. You ever see one of those? I read all sorts of BAD reviews & I STILL bought it. Only because it was demonstrated so well @ the shows. Well, shame on me, because it works exactly as well as the reviews said it wouldn't. I still have it....take it out every once in a while to look at the "stupid tax" that I paid.

Difference between me & whoever THAT woman was? I can admit that I made the decision to buy that P.O.S. all on my fault entirely!

You don't have to post this rant if you don't want too!