Thursday, June 18, 2009

The subconscious interior designer

I guess sometimes your subconscious has to jump in and save you.

When I went to Hancock's to buy the indoor/outdoor fabric for the patio chair seat covers, I was disappointed than there was nothing with black or gray to coordinate better with my wrought iron furniture. The piece I picked did have that lovely teal-y green stripe, which is one of my favorite colors, but I worried how it would look on the gray/black wrought iron. After they were finished, I was happy with them, both in color and in how the construction turned out. Today, as I stood looking out the sliding door onto the patio, something struck me. Beside me were my tab-top drapes, with the teal and beige and gold and brown checks:Beside the drapes is my beige reading chair with the teal throw:Then I look outside to the chair covers, with teal and beige and gold and brown stripe:And further out in the yard is my teal ceramic birdbath: Perfectly color coordinated, from inside to outside. Everything you see at the window, from the inside decor framing your view to the outside furniture and lawn accessories, matches. This is kind of neat, but definitely wasn't intentional.

Sort of like an idiot savant interior decorator.


Lucy said...

You still have Hancocks? All of ours went out of business a year or so back. I think the whole area.

Barb said...