Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back yard idyll

Between the rain storms I have been able to enjoy the back yard only sporadically, so I took a minute to do a few outdoor chores before it rains on me again. There were branches to put on the curb for pickup and roses to deadhead. The branch pickup is an especially nice benefit of living inside city limits. If you have any trees or bushes at all, there is always something to dispose of, and having one day a month where any lawn waste put at the curb will be whisked away is a big help.

This is my favorite corner of the back yard. There is a small peony which has unfortunately been beaten up by the rainstorms, three Gumpo azaleas just starting to bloom, a lantern, a bird feeder, a birdbath and a lovely mature crape myrtle that blooms the most gorgeous hot pink in July. There was a robin enjoying this corner earlier too. He took a bath and had a bite to eat. Scaevola is one of the most dependable hanging plants I use here. It seems to love the heat, the hotter the better, and as long as you water regularly it will bloom through October. I like the purple variety especially.
Here is an amarylis starting to bud. I have no idea what variety they are- they were here when I moved in. The bloom is large and slightly varigated pink clustered five or six on the stem. I've never even had to dig them up. They winter over in the ground here very happily.
And here are my red old-fashioned roses among the reworked fence border in the side yard. I have been waiting for them to bloom with anticipation. These are another flower I inherited, and I have no idea what variety they are. They are vigorous climbers and would scamper up a trellis (or even the fence) if I didn't keep them in line. The blooms are rather flat when opened fully and have yellow stamens. The japanese beetles don't seem to like them nearly as much as the white rosebush in the back yard, which is almost identical except for color but gets bugs and diseases much more readily.
And finally, a peek at things to come. . .
the tomatoes are beginning to set fruit. Yum!

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julieQ said...

I love that corner of your yard too! You and I have tomatoes just about at the same stage. It is fun to go out each evening and see their growth.