Thursday, April 23, 2009

One quilt in, one quilt out

Here's why it's great to have a quilt stockpile. I made this little "X" quilt just on a whim, because I liked the colors in the jelly roll I bought on sale. I thought I might hang it on the wall in the hallway for a change. Then, my lawn guy told me his son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first baby. Instant baby quilt!
The binding is a small green and ivory check, which just about blinded me. I love small checks and stripes in bias bindings, but they are SO hard to stare at for hours.

Remember the angst about the double wedding ring quilt? Yesterday, the longarm quilter called and said that she was ready to return it. With some trepidation, I waited. Here's an example of the quilting - what do you think?
I had some doubts about the stitch in the ditch around the rings, and the center square quilting, but have decided that after all the vine quilting in the rings was completed, the quilt on the whole looks fine. I'm in the process of binding the scalloped edges right now. I'm sure it will be pretty.

Breathe, Calico, breathe. Don't get so upset about everything.


Suzan said...

I think it looks lovely!

Diana said...

I agree. It looks wonderful. I like that vine in the rings.

Kathryn said...

I love the baby quilt. It's so pretty and cheerful. For my birthday, a book on jelly roll quilts was one of my treats - I've been drooling over it to decide which one to make first.