Thursday, April 30, 2009

The double wedding ring quilt is well-traveled

Remember the calamitous double wedding ring gift quilt? I shipped it off to its recipients on Monday, and as of today it's still merrily riding around in the FedEx truck all over Huntington, WV. The driver tried to deliver it on Wednesday without success. Seems the recipient has a broken doorbell, and the driver rang it (well, thought he rang it), got no response and took the box back to the truck. (I specified signature required for delivery.)

The recipient was in the house, in the kitchen actually, but didn't hear the driver on the front porch. The driver didn't knock because, gee, there was a doorbell and he had no indication it didn't work. So he took it back to the FedEx office and tried again today.

Same thing. No answer, take the package back to the office. I understand they will try a third time before returning it to sender. If it comes back to me I will just hold it until the person visits me again and give it to them in person.

After the first delivery trial, the recipient called the FedEx office and instructed them to hold the package so he could pick it up in person. Of course that didn't happen. Have you ever had UPS or FedEx listen to a single request you made? You can only talk to the central 1-800 number and they never seem to relay any handling request to the local dispatching office. I speak from experience here.

But, the kicker is this: the doorbell has been broken for some time - it wasn't a surprise. Wouldn't you have taken the button off the front door so people weren't tempted to use it, or at least posted a sign that said "Doorbell broken, please knock"?


The Calico Cat said...

about the door bell, yes... (I post a sign that says, "knock loudly!"
& you are so right about the UPS & special delivery requests. We used to get out Rx catfood delivered. Twice they refused to leave it - even though right there on the label it said to leave it.

(I was almost wishing someone would steal catfood - that would serve them right. But at $2+ a can & with a "Starving" kitty - the hassel would not be worth it in the end.)

Elaine Adair said...

Oh how silly! Some things ya jes' can't fix .... 8-(