Monday, March 2, 2009

A surprise in my mailbox

I found the loveliest surprise in my mail today. As I was walking back to the front door, I shuffled through the stack of mail and found this envelope. The stamps were Japanese. It could only be from one person - Tanya!

All the bills and bank statements and magazines were forgotten as I hurried to open it. Yes, there was her name on the return address label. What could it be?

Inside, I found a beautiful little postcard, a sashiko sampler and thread, and some darling stickers. The sashiko looks so intriguing. I think that you do the stab stitch design printed on the sampler, then wash out the ink, much like printed cross stitch patterns here in the U.S. It will make a lovely little pillow for my den. I think I will border it with patchwork, and find a Japanese design fabric for the back.
Thank you so much, Tanya! What a wonderful gift!

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Tanya said...

I bought myself a sashiko print but even though they are small I wonder when I'm going to do it. Want to have a race...?