Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's wrong with me?

I have a whole uncommitted day ahead of me - no reason to leave the house (and it's colder than whiz, don't want to anyway), nothing looming on the schedule. I planned to sew the entire day and finish piecing the double wedding ring quilt. So what am I doing?

Not sewing. Cleaned the kitchen, straightened the house, made lunch, caught up on the laundry, did my taxes, organized my spice cabinet, for heaven's sake.

Yeah, I'm avoiding, big time.

Why? Who knows. I set up the sewing machine, sewed two arcs on a melon piece, and stopped. I'm just not feeling it.

I know I better start feeling it, and soon, because I only have one row to go and I need to reserve a place in the longarmer's queue. Maybe I want to sew on something else, maybe I'm just burned out on the curves, maybe I just burned out about sewing in general (I get that way sometimes) but whatever the case, I need to light a fire under myself and get at it.

Playtime's over, kid, back to work.

P.S. I got another email from Stray Girl's adoptive family saying how thrilled they were with her. She's sleeping in their bed, for heaven's sake! Now that's a kitty that's got it good.


momtofatdogs said...

this is such a heartwarming story. You're a good person!

Sam in Middle TN

Dresden Plate said...

Oh I know that feeling so well! It's easier to just dream about the quilt blocks I should be making, than to actually get on and do them. I make the excuse that I am, um, planning!

Kathryn said...

Sometimes it's hard to find that special inspiration. Is there anyone you can describe it (the quilt) to? Is there anyone you could show it to? Or teach the block to? Sometimes these help to get things flowing again. I really don't think you should force it though. After all, it is meant to be a hobby, not a penance. Focus on the house and husband and let the blocks come back in their own good time. I really don't think you'll have too long a wait.