Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost finished with the Double Wedding Ring quilt

I'm down to piecing the back of the DWR. No picture - it doesn't look much different than the last time you saw it, just bigger - maybe when it's all quilted. The backing will have an 11" wide vertical stripe inset about 1/3 of the way from the edge made up of 3" strips of all sorts of colors which coordinate with the large print on the front. They will be cut from all the fat quarters I collected to make star blocks in the original design. In this strip will be a pink "center" section from the DWR pattern, encircled with rose half-melon pieces. The pink center will be where the label is appliqued when it's done. I don't know exactly what the label will look like - I may ask my longarmer to use her embroidery machine to make a rectangle of pink roses on cream fabric so I can add the words inside. I could hand embroider something, but it would take longer than the top did to piece.

Sometimes I think that if I had made the original design that was meant for this fabric the quilt would have been prettier. I like the solid arc wedding ring design, but it is just too plain for my tastes. I hope the recipients like it.

I have also decided that making a glorified nine patch will be a piece of cake compared to this one. The nine patch won't have these darned corner blocks, which had to be inset, and about drove me crazy. The curves are a piece of cake compared to that.

Oh, yes - I heard from the stray girl kitty's new owners about what they chose for her permanent name. Are you ready? Gumbo! The family moved here from the Gulf coast so the woman said it seemed appropriate.

Don't ask me - I'm a Kentucky girl.

My mom remarked that it seemed more like a name for a boy kitty. I thought it was better as a name for a food. I generally don't name animals strange things. Molly, Sasha, Sylvester, Charlie, Zack, Spike (ok, he was an old tough tom - nothing else would do). I will cop to naming a cat Uncle, but that was kind of a family joke. But I have never named a cat for a soup.


paula, the quilter said...

I have named a cat after a cat in a movie. As a teen, I loved Bell, Book and Candle with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. The cat's name was Pyewacket. My Pyewacket was black. My dad could never remember his name and called him High Pockets. *g*

Cherie said...

I love Gumbo for a cat name :)

Linda_J said...

Gumbo?? Now that is a weird one but I guess for their family, it fits. The o ending sounds male though but who ever heard of Gumba. Gumbe, maybe??

Good for you for sticking with the DWR. Boy, will you ever be happy to see that moved on out! Let me know when you are ready to try the Glorified Nine Patch and I'll join you!

Kathryn said...

Well done you on making such good progress with the DWR - we've all been cheering you on. I like Gumbo as a cat's name, and actually think Minestrone might work well too. Chowder too, but not Vichyssoise.