Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's worse than we thought

The new power supply arrived for my husband's computer yesterday and he installed it. Well---- the power supply WAS bad, but it took some stuff with it when it died. The boot sector of the main hard drive is trashed, and we won't know what else until he starts rebuilding the whole thing. He reloaded the operating system and it just circles and circles and can't run. He was going to built a new computer, anyway, but not this soon. He probably lost the contents of his main drive; we won't know about the backup drive until the computer is up and running again. He had restored a huge pile of family photos, taken so many pictures and videos himself, and they all might be gone if the backup drive was also trashed in the death throes of the power supply. We have our fingers crossed.


Joan said...

My heart breaks to read this. Last year my computer blew up and I lost every photo of grandson Brayden's first year -- and I was the only one taking photos of him! Heart breaking. If the hard drive is gone, call computer stores in your area and find info on companies that do professional hard drive restoration - they can get your photos off for you.

Suzan said...

I know how frustrating this kind of drive crash can be. I have become fanatical about saving photos on CDs as a backup just in case my drive fails. Good luck!