Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas to all, and to all - please recycle

I was wondering if everyone else's garage looks like mine: piled high with cardboard boxes from mail order Christmas shopping. I don't want to get rid of them just yet in case anything has to be returned, so they are all stacked on my lawn mower, about six feet high. After we are sure that everything is staying, I will attack the cardboard mountain with a box cutter and bag them for the curbside recycling pickup in January.

I shop online. I was always a big catalog shopper; a trip to the mall never enticed me. Add my husband to that, who would rather be flogged than go into a store during the holiday season, and faster than you can say "Internet!" we let our fingers do the walking (and mousing). We are both big on the online shopping, and have never had a bad experience. We've bought everything from clothes to tires to electronics. And fabric, don't forget the fabric. If you are careful who you deal with, it's no more risky than going shopping in person and as handy as buying locally. Well, better actually, 'cause they won't let me in Dillard's in my pajamas.

Just be sure to recycle the boxes. And, in my case, the Christmas wrapping paper too (which irritates the living daylights out of my husband when I'm scurrying around snatching up the gift wrap as soon as it is removed from the package).


Linda C said...

I like the polka dots and flowers---pretty cool!

I'm like you and don't want to throw boxes out unless they get too banged up in the shipping. I need the big ones to mail out donation quilts. I always check my stash that are tucked here and there before I have to BUY one.

Thanks for the hint about the brushy trees being a cat attracter. So far Skyler has been good. Too often there is no way he can hop up there with the quilts normally piled on top so I think he has ignored it so far. You should know with all your lovely snow village set up---WOW!

Kathryn said...

Hello Jan, Love the new blog background. I hopped on over there myself and used one of the Christmas themes. Just wanted to wish you, your husband and the cat a wonderful Christmas, a peaceful New year and as much quilting happiness as you can stand! May your quarters always be fat, your roller cutter always be sharp, your threads never tangle and inspiration never run dry. Kathryn, Andrew and the hounds xx

Linda said...

Hey there, I like the new look...very cute.

We recycle at the office and at the quilt shop. I have not been recycling at home. We live in the boonies and burn our trash until January. My small town has voted in trash pickup including recycling starting in January. They delivered the trash can and the recycle bin this last week. I'm looking forward to it. I like to recycle....I hope ya'll have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Pet your kitty for me. (I sure miss my Patches) See you in the new year!

momtofatdogs said...

I'm going to "duck" here. But I don't recycle too much. I DO recycle aluminum cans. I save them at home & at work for a co-workers father that has been denied disability. I recycle boxes only because when I go to the convenience center, they have a seperate container just for cardboard. We also have a paper recycling bin at work....But to be closer to the truth, the convenience center is too much trouble & I just take it all to work. You got to remember, I work in the WASTE industry. More trash means better job security. No joke.
When I worked in AL, the population just was not big enough to make recycling cost effective. If you can't find a buyer for your comodities, there's no sense collecting them....been there , done that, big time. This is NOT to say that I am a nay-sayer of recycling! Exactly the opposite! However - big brother (the government) needs to make recycling mandatory & manufacturers need to have restrictions on how much % of virgin materials that can be used. USA is still very far fromthat....
I'll get off my soap bax...Sorry! I do "do my part", just not as deligently as i should!!

Merry Christmas!

Sam in Middle TN