Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jacob's Ladder for Jacob

Now I can show what I was making last week - for Calico Cat's new baby Jacob, a Jacob's Ladder wall quilt for his nursery. I had made the Jacob's Ladder for the giveaway, so the pattern was in mind when I read the baby's name. I decided it was the perfect quilt, and I had a new selection of blues from Connecting Threads to use. It's 21" x 27", a bit larger than the giveaway quilt, and uses seven different fabrics.

The back is pieced of 6" squares of leftover cream, brown, blue and navy fabric, which makes the perfect base for the label. There's a hanging sleeve, too, in case she needs it. I did straight diagonal quilted lines through the pieced center and outlined around the border. I didn't think this small quilt needed any more embellishment.

All in all, it turned out as cute as I had imagined, and I hope it brings a spot of brightness to his room. Welcome to the world, Jacob Henry!


Greenmare said...

oh that is soooooooo sweet of you! and what a pretty quilt!

julieQ said...

It is so pretty!! Love your ladder quilt.