Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's cookie time!

After we cranked out about 20 lb. of fudge this weekend, yesterday I turned to cookies. 15 dozen chocolate chip down, about 30 dozen spritz to go (in five flavors, no less!). Then the oatmeal scotchies, and then boxing and wrapping all the cookie bundles for neighbors, friends, and those who help during the year (I have mentioned the vast benefits of schmoozing the trash truck guys and the mailman).

This is actually a light year for cookies - I'm not making fudge crackles, peanut butter or thumbprints. Last year I sort of overloaded myself, and so I promised that I would only do the essentials - everybody loves chocolate chip and the little buttery goodness of a spritz cookie. The kids like oatmeal cookies, and no one will turn down fudge.

Food is a big thing for me this time of year. I love to make Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and bake for everyone, and have nice things to offer company. When I was working, I would bring cookies into the office several times between Thanksgiving and Christmas, just because, and I made a chocolate chip banana bread that had become famous on the third floor.

And what about my other big passion - quilting? Well, it's on hiatus this time of year. I appliqued the last block for the Hearts A-Flutter Civil War repro quilt and sent it off to the longarmer, but other than that haven't picked up a needle. My own BOM's are languishing. What with the cooking, and the company, and the decorations it's a little hard to tie up the kitchen now. And since that's the only place I have to sew..... After Jan. 1st, I'll get back to the remaining blocks and ship off those BOM quilts to be done.


Suzan said...

Sounds like you have a handle on things. I make myself crazy every year at Christmas, end up not sleeping and will probably have a miserable cold by the end of the year. I need a plan! I need to force myself to make a plan and stick to it. I used to be so good about goal setting when I was in sales!

momtofatdogs said...

chocolate Chip Banana Bread? Care to share the recipe? I'll bake some & take it to work to share too, if you will share your recipe.

Sam in Middle TN

Tanya said...

That's a lot of cookies! And you say your not making as many as you sometimes do? Boy do they look good. I'm making a loaf of persimmon bread. Does that make me sound like a Scrooge?

Linda said...

Wow, your house, your tree, the cute Christmas ornaments, the Village scenes and cookies too! When do you sleep? That's wonderful! I know it's tiring but I hope you have fun doing it too. I'm sure your efforts are appreciated. I know I love your pictures. I hope you have some lovely holidays. Merry Christmas....Hugs, Linda