Thursday, December 11, 2008

Does anyone have this book?

OK, here's the deal: My husband wants me to make a Christmas quilt. I want to make one too. A bed-sized, applique, Santas and everything quilt. I have been looking for patterns but couldn't find anything I liked. Then I stumbled upon reviews for this book:It's "A Slice of Christmas by Piece O'Cake Designs". One look on Amazon convinced me that it has the patterns I'm looking for. (If I'm going to hand applique this quilt, I have to love it.) The thing is, it's out of print.

So I went looking for it on Amazon Marketplace and Alibris. I'll just find a secondhand copy, I think. Well, they both had it. For $99.00 and $122.00, respectively. Being as I am what is commonly referred to as NOT CRAZY, I will not be buying the book there.

So I put it to the quilting bloggers out there: Does anyone have this book? Are you willing to sell it? (For a price that's somewhat less than my first-born child? Just kidding.) Are you willing to loan it? Could you copy pages for me? If there's anyone out there that can lend a hand to a frustrated quilter, drop me a note. Thanks in advance!


momtofatdogs said...

I wish I had it, but i don't. I just listed "Divide & Conquer" on for $75 - I don't understand what is especially SPECIAL about it. I mean the Divide & Conquer book.....I'll keep my eyes open for you! Seems like we are all looking to make Christmas Quilts in 2009.

Sam in Middle TN

zoofan said...

Are you looking for the pattern for the quilt on the cover because that pattern is available to purchase as a download on the Piece o'Cake website

Paula, the quilter said...

That is an awfully cute pattern if it is the one on the cover (I went to the website and took a look). Sorry, but I don't have any of their patterns.

SandyQuilts said...

That book is out of print ... thus the price. Check here

Joan J said...

Jan - email me. I just put a copy of the book on hold at my local library and will be happy to copy whatever pages you want. Merry Christmas!