Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cleaning up for the new year

No, not the house.

I'm cleaning up all the half-done projects, the BOMs ready to be assembled, the stacked up quilt tops needing to be quilted, the bindings ready to be applied. They're hanging on me like the chains on Marley's ghost. To be able to start the Quiltville mystery quilt with a clear conscience, I have to get these things off the worktable.

1. Anniversary gift quilt for my brother bound, wrapped and ready to mail.
2. Hearts A-Flutter BOM blocks completed and applique border designed.
3. BlockCentral BOM black/white/tan top assembled and awaiting shipment to the quilter.
4. Teacup and saucer quilt boxed and ready to send to Deb for fancy quilting.
5. Four additional blocks for BlockCentral blue/rust quilt designed to make the top large enough for a queen bed.
6. All blocks for the Debbie Mumm Christmas sampler completed and awaiting additional green fabric to assemble top. I could not make the specified amount of fabric stretch to cut the large setting triangles for the center medallion. I have no idea if it was me or them, but I bought what the pattern specified. The extra fabric is ordered.
7. Two wall quilts sent to the longarmer.

But there's more: two wall quilts and two bed quilts to bind, four Linus quilts to quilt and bind, diagonal log cabin top to complete, Hearts A-Flutter, BlockCentral and Debbie Mumm BOMs to complete. I don't expect to get all this done before I start the Mystery quilt, but I'm making a good faith effort to at least work on them. After I get back from running errands tomorrow, I'm hopping on the binding train again. Please, no more small checks or stripes.


Linda_J said...

Now that is a pretty apt description "hanging on me like the chains on Marley's ghost" I guess our enthusiasm for our craft has to have time to catch up with our obligations. Just not enough hours in the day to do it all.

But I know what you mean---I get bogged down with the donation stuff and ache to do something fun or new or anything else. Then it all piles up.

Thanks for setting a good example, Jan! A list and setting some priorities might help.

momtofatdogs said...

I'm not EVEN going there. I'll feel bad that I put off so much! i refuse to list it all.....