Sunday, October 19, 2008

I never worry about anyone else causing me trouble, because I do such a good job of it myself

I finished piecing the allover design using the Benartex fabrics that I posted about yesterday. This evening after supper I started poking around in my stash closet to find another UFO to complete.

I pulled out a half-completed strip set Ohio Star using a lovely autumn leaf fabric for the setting triangles. As I unpacked the patches and completed blocks from the bag, I tried to remember exactly how this one went together. I was drawing a blank about the border; there were a bunch of triangles but no clue how they were supposed to be assembled.

I remembered that the pattern was taken from a book I had, and that the book showed the quilt with a navy and tan floral as the setting triangles. So I pulled up a chair and started thumbing through books.

After I had gone through five or six I started to get worried. What if I had sold the book last spring? Or donated it to the library? I knew I didn't have any more of the fabric, so if I couldn't find the pattern, how was I to put the border together?

At last, I opened a Marsha McCloskey book and there it was. Whew! That was close! I never thought about the UFO's in my closet when I thinned out the bookshelf.


Marla said...

I HATE it when I can "see" a pattern in my mind, know the book or mag. and just CAN'T find it. So glad you found it.

Tanya said...

That's one of the reasons our patchwork books pile up. There is always an off chance that there is something unfinished or horrors, someone likes the quilt and wants the pattern! My bookshelves are bursting!