Thursday, October 23, 2008

Comments, please

I need to solicit opinions on a design. Yesterday I posted a photo of my mocked up design with fabrics. Today, I drafted the design in order to manipulate colors. I have two possibilities and need your opinions. Which is better?

Here's my fabric mock-up. Notice that in the blocks with the red centers there are four red triangles; in the blocks with the blue centers, they're blue. In the red-centered blocks, there are green plaid corner squares and squares flanking the red center. In the blue-centered blocks, the corner squares and the squares flanking the blue center are brown print.

Here's what I was thinking: in order to carry the colors throughout the quilt more evenly, what if I swapped the red and blue triangles and the green plaid and brown print squares? That way, ever square would have both red and blue and both green plaid and brown print. I made a colored drawing. There's no fabric print, but it shows the color distribution.

This one has the colors the same as the fabric mock-up:
And this one has the swapped patches so that every block has red, blue, green plaid and brown print:

What do you think? Does it improve the design, or muddy the water? Comments, please!


Suzan Oxenreider said...

I like the secondary design that appears in the second layout so that one is my favorite.

Rhonda said...

I like the top design. The colors blend and work well and the design is more striking! Hope that helps.

Tanya said...

My vote is for the second layout. I like rearranging colors more. Lovely design either way though!