Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still not sewing

Not one stitch. No use posting a photo of the dragonfly project because it hasn't progressed an iota. Someday........

In the meantime, house stuff still occupies my mind. We have been driving some more, evaluating new developments and existing houses on the market - and haven't seen any possibilities. You can modify any house for barrier-free accessibiliy, but that has unwanted side effects, like losing the use of one garage stall for a ramp, or uprooting all the landscaping to add a ramp at the front door. It's better to start with a house that has few barriers, a seemingly impossible proposition here.

We are still toying with the idea of building to suit, and found a second possible location. There's a beautiful new subdivision being put in north of the city, on a side road that's just about two miles from a major intersection, but secluded enough so that you feel like you're in the country. It's in a little valley snuggled up against Walden Ridge and used to be a big pasture, I'm sure. The ground is flat enough to build a slab construction house, and the lots are large enough to use for a one level home. There's barely a dozen houses in various stages of construction, probably less than 10% of the lots, so building will go on for years in there (a minus, in my book). It's a lovely spot, and would be a peaceful place to live without getting too far out of town. But I keep hearing horror stories about working with builders. Everytime I think about contracting to build a house, my stomach hurts.

I got a few estimates on the changes we would have to do to the house we have if we stayed. Just about exactly what I figured they would be. Just once I wish I would get a surprise - "Oh, no, ma'am, it won't cost NEARLY that much for windows" - but no such luck. Too well informed. I know the bad news before they say it!

On Thursday we will have a second meeting with a trusted realtor, who is working up an appraisal of our house. He walked through last Saturday and looked at the property, and is doing the comps now. I trust his opinion, so what he comes up with for a sale price for this place is a number I can use in my decision making. We already got a low-ball number from the realtor who works with the builder we met last week (Mr. "My Houses Cost the Sun and Moon"). I knew when she said it that it was a price at which she could unload the place quickly, but not its true value. Even so, the difference between the two estimates won't be more than $30K or so. That's beans compared to new construction cost.

I know, I'm whining. Dear readers, you may have to put up with it for a little while longer. A blog is a great place to "think out loud".


Suzan said...

Whine away! You know I have been moaning and groaning for about 3 months now... Though it may be slow going, at least you are doing "something". That means you are moving forward and sometimes that is just the best you can do. I'm thinking about you!!

Morah said...

You just think away! Sometimes it is so much easier to work out a problem when you whine about it a bit! Think of it as loud thinking!