Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm disgusted

Well, we found the perfect house for us - but it is obscenely expensive. I figure it's because there are absolutely boatloads of deep-pocketed aging baby boomers out there. We met with a builder who specializes in the perfect type of house for us - adequate size, all one level, handicap accessible, maintenance free exterior, beautiful interior finishes, sensible floorplans - and he wants the sun, moon and stars for his houses ...... and there seems to be a ready population willing to give them to him. There's a new development with four houses so far under construction, and two sold before they were out of the framing stage. This makes me a little ill. I'm willing to pay a fair price for a house - but not the kind of inflated price this guy is demanding - and evidently getting.

We looked at the townhouse but it wouldn't work out because there is no usable exterior space at all - it would be like that apartment we rented that nearly drove us bonkers. The interior of the townhouse was pretty good, but it would have been claustrophobic to have nowhere to go outside. This builder also had one more townhouse available in a different new development close to where we now live that would have been a very good fit for our needs too, but it was way too expensive, like his houses.

Well, I guess we struck out. Back to the MLS.

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Joan said...

You and I live in parallel universes. We went through this same house hunting thing a year ago. I wanted a ranch, but as big as the house we have now (2000 sq ft), on a private lot without neighbors in arm's reach. We found the perfect lot and neighborhood, only to have the builder bump up the price until it was right out of our price range. Three times the money for less of a house? No thanks. We've decided to stay put and continue updating what we have.