Friday, July 18, 2008

Gift wrap organization

Suzan made a comment about my gift wrap drawer, and wanted a picture, so here it is. I suspect she was expecting something much more grand!

I made these dividers one day when I went to fetch some wrapping supplies and had to unravel about two miles of tangled ribbon. I vowed to fix the problem then and there. Using what I had on hand, the dividers are made of leftover thin foam core board from my Christmas village display stands. I taped them together with brown package tape, and keep swearing that someday I'll cover them with pretty contact paper.

For now, this works very well. On the bottom are rolls of gift wrap (really have to enact an moratorium of gift wrap buying - but I'm a sucker for pretty paper), gift bags and my bow maker; on the upper left is ribbon and enclosure cards (I'm a big believer in white and gold curly ribbon - makes anything more festive, but I also have some wired ribbon and bright colored ribbon for kids' packages); on the upper right is flat wrapping paper, tissue and bows. I'm almost out of white and solid color tissue papers and need to make a run to one of my favorite stores which is called If It's Paper. This is a particularly dangerous place, since I love stationery and gift wraps.

I try to limit the palette of colors for wrapping supplies to white, blue, brown and green, except for a few wild colored papers geared toward children. That way I don't have to keep many colors of ribbon and everything coordinates.

I can do "less is more" everywhere but home decorating and quilting fabrics!

(Oh, yes - Christmas wrapping paper is a WHOLE other kettle of fish, and resides in my storage closet in the garage in a Rubbermaid container shaped like a tall tube with a handle on top. I can't seem to weed out or use up that paper to save my life! Somehow more gets dragged in each year than we use.)

Addendum: I covered the dividers with wood grain printed contact paper, and while it wasn't the most fun I've ever had, and there are wrinkles, it makes the whole thing look so much better. I guess you could say I was guilted into the job after posting that picture.

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Suzan said...

Thanks for obliging! I just wanted to see what your dividers were and how they worked in the drawer. Speaking of a whole other kettle of fish, now I have many more questions about foam core and your Christmas village!