Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's cuter than a baby bunny?

Almost nothing, that's what. You can barely see him in the picture, in front and to the left of the white pot. He's a wee little thing that I have watched for a few weeks now. He hides in tall grass, with just the tips of his ears showing, and wanders around eating clover in my back yard. Every year we have bunnies. I don't know how they manage in a subdivision like this. We're inside the city too, so there's not a lot of places for wild things to shelter. But they perservere. Rabbits and chipmunks, squirrels, doves and birds of all sorts, sometimes a groundhog. It shakes you out of your "city mind" to see a little bit of untamed nature roaming through your manicured lawn.


Catherine said...

That baby bunny is adorable!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Jacquie said...

So cute, but so vulnerable too.