Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Waiting for BlockCentral

First, I must tell you that I am a pathologically punctual person. I am the first arrival at every party (I've even driven around the block to kill time so that I won't arrive too early), the one who gets to the doctor's office at least 15 minutes before my appointment - regardless of how long I know I will end up waiting, the person you will see pacing circles around the food court if you're 5 minutes late meeting me at the mall. I think I inherited this trait from the grandfather I never knew, who passed away before I was born. Mom tells of him getting dressed far too early to go to his Lodge meeting, and pacing up and down the back sidewalk until time to leave. This SOOOO sounds like me.

Anyway, that trait is why the following bugs me so much: BlockCentral hasn't posted its BOM June block yet, and it's the 17th. OK, it's just one block, but I'm working on a lot of projects, including four BOM's, so I like to keep up.

Really keep up. Come to think of it, can they post July's block early?


paula, the quilter said...

What irks me is when I forget to go to a site to collect the block and when I do remember to go the pattern has been removed already. Ugh. Happened to me on Beth Ferrier's new BOM.

Linda said...

Hey, we must be related....I do the same things and I HATE to be late to anything. My DH is right the opposite and it drives me crazy. He is late for almost everything. I thought it would improve in time but no such luck. Oh well, 30 years and counting, I guess I won't change him. Can I send you some of my BOM's to work on while you're waiting? It would help me get caught up and make you feel better! Hugs, Linda