Friday, May 23, 2008

It's not just a hobby.......'s an exercise program. This afternoon, I'm gathering my tools to cut out a quilt. The kitchen, where I cut out, sew and press, is at the east end of the house. The third bedroom, where fabric and tools are stored, is at the west end of the house. The house is 80 feet long. Wonder how many miles I have logged going back and forth since I moved here!

Also, I splurged this morning on a rolling case for my Juki sewing machine. The case was on sale at Hancock's for 40% off, making it what I considered a reasonable price. This machine doesn't have a hard case, just a soft cover, and I hated to try to take it somewhere because it was unprotected, and pretty heavy too. There were several tapestry patterns, but I just had to pick the one with ladybugs.

I was at Hancock's looking for a fabric printed with old radios, that Jacquie used in a mini quilt. She was kind enough to answer my question about where she found it. It came from her local Hancock Fabrics store, but unfortunately, it looks like Hancock's here never had it. I'm disappointed because one of my husband's hobbies is restoring old radios and I have tried to find radio fabric for a long time. If anyone ever sees quilting cottons printed with antique or old radios, please let me know.

Oh, yes. An update on the Laurel Burch kitty print quilt. I completed the top and pieced a backing - using the orange and green fabrics I couldn't seem to use on the front! With the print on the back, they work fine. No use letting some good fat quarters go to waste.

That means I have four small tops waiting to be quilted. And I'm cutting out a new one anyway!

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