Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quilt books overload: I thin, you win!

Last month I cleaned out my quilt books and gathered a stack to donate to the local library. Between finishing my brother's quilt, finishing my brother-in-law's quilt, my visit with mom, my brother-in-law's visit, Easter --- well, you get the picture! -- I haven't taken the books to the library yet. They were sitting on the workbench in the garage this afternoon when we went out to cut cut some lumber.

I looked over the books again, and fought off the temptation to keep them. I weeded them out once, but if they don't leave quickly, I'll have second thoughts. Then, I decided I would try a novel approach to finding these books a home.

Would any of you be interested in receiving a quilting book for just the cost of the postage to mail it to you? Here's how I thought I'd do this: I will post a list of the book title, author, publisher, and binding (hardcover or softcover). If you want any of these books, you email me and reserve it, and make arrangements to pay me the cost of mailing it to you. (I'll take checks: hey, I trust you.) For convenience, let's come up with a standard price. I weighed the books and checked the USPS website. The price using Media Mail for up to 1 pound is $2.18 (8 of them), for 1 to 2 pounds is $2.47 (11 of them), and for 2 to 3 pounds is $2.81 (2 of them). I'll have to buy Tyvek mailing envelopes too, which will cost about 75 cents each, so let's say $3.50 per book. That ought to average out.

I checked Amazon and could find nearly all of these books for sale by Amazon or a used book reseller, so you can read about them and decide if a book is for you. If someone wanted to see it, I could post a copy of a cover.

I don't want to make any money on these books, just find someone who really wants them. I'm not the garage sale type, and going through the trouble of posting them on Ebay or Quiltsy? UGH, no thanks. So give me some feedback: are you interested?


Morah said...

Great idea! I would looovee to take a few off of your hands but my bookstore aka my closet can't handle even one more piece of paper let alone another book. I'm going to watch the progession of this.....perhaps I'll copy your idea!

paula, the quilter said...

Pssst. There is 1 that I'd like to have. "Little Quilts" Please email me.