Monday, April 21, 2008

Project Linus update

I have added the four new Linus quilts to my slideshow in the sidebar. I'm especially happy with the owl quilt, the one I call "Give a Hoot!" The bias striped binding really added a little snap to it. I was also amazed to realize, when I hung up the one I call "Wild Thing" that gave me so much trouble, how nicely it turned out. The dot and dash border is interesting and the teal binding finishes it nicely. What with changing the border and all, I was so tired of it I couldn't really see it. While photographing it today, its beauty came through. The one with the pastel colors and the bunny border still doesn't photograph well, although it looks quite nice in person. When you photograph it, all that comes out is the orange, but it's more balanced in person.


Jacquie said...

I looked at all of them. Wow! I've started making quilts for a group that is donating to KU med center peds unit. They've just started this and I'm trying to help them out. How big do you make these. I looked at the Linus guidelines but I don't know what size would be most useful. Any recommendations?

Linda_J said...

What gorgeous quilts, Jan! Hard to pick out a favorite among them. I'll just watch the slideshow over and over.

I know what you mean about a quilt not doing much for you until you see it in the cloth. One of the girls in my quilt group belles she didn't think a recent photo on my blog presented the quilt very well. She liked the quilt a whole lot better when she saw it in person. The print just looked grayed out and less vibrant.